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Financial Tip: Life Insurance as an Asset

Article written by SBBN Leadership member, Lu Casillas, Financial Specialist at FCA, Speaker & Writer at Blend2Day How are your assets? When thinking about your future money the more diverse the assets the better. Most people like bonds, fixed or cash products because they are SAFE! What happens when “LIFE” throws you a curve-ball? You…

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Integrative Medicine Practitioner: Dr. Kathleen Boisen OMD, LAc, CH

Dr Kathleen Boisen, Integrative Medicine Practitioner

SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Kathleen Boisen, OMD, LAc, CH Dr. Boisen’s specialty is integrating Western medical protocol with Alternative medicine, and knowing which approach is most effective.  Her clients greatly benefit from her extensive knowledge and years of experience in both Eastern and Western medicine. Dr. Boisen’s expertise is highlighted in these areas of treatment: Integrative Medicine…

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