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2019 Tips for the New Year

We invited Santa Barbara Business Network Members and Friends to share tips for the NEW YEAR 2019, so here they are:

JudyAnn Dutcher from Dutcher Design

I use Trello similar to a “vision board” to write out all ideas for the year in all aspects of my life. I can add due dates, share with people, and add attachments. Throughout the year, I can look at the board to see my progress and make adjustments as needed.

D. A. Metrov from Metrov Contemporary Fine Art Portraits

Spend a little extra time to eliminate the old, the useless, and especially anything possessing negative connotations. Re-focus on your goals, and try not to be distracted by things unrelated to your Primary Mission in Life.

Debbie Denke from Debbie Denke Music

I like to make resolutions that are positive, yet easy to actually do. One year I swore off groaning when I sank down into the driver’s seat of my little car. Last year I promised to think of 3 things that happened that day which I was thankful for, listing  them before falling asleep each night. They could be little things, such as cooking a flavorful meal or managing to walk the dog in the sun – or big things like getting over an illness quickly or experiencing an answer to prayer! 2019’s list is still forming – but one thing I’ll resolve to do is if I think of a negative thought about a person I will try to ALSO think of a positive one to counterbalance it. Example: “He never remembers to bring his music/He tries to help balance the band’s microphones and stays late after rehearsals”…

Victoria Stewart from All Star Mobile Notary Services

Be grateful you have the ability to serve and have been chosen to do so.  Being a good listener, approachable, and available is key.  No matter what type of service you provide, all of these things apply.  If you have a passion for what you do, you can’t help but be a success.  It reflects in your tone of voice and your confidence in yourself and product.  Clients enjoy working with a helpful, positive and honest person/company.  Old fashion but still holds true, service with truth and  a smile.  

Janna Mori, Career Coach & Consultant

Surround yourself with people who will help you not only survive, but thrive. Be that person for others, too.

James Stretchberry, President/CEO – American European Bethel Mission, Inc.

Keep the dialogue alive, whatever the cost.  Troubling days lie ahead.

Jim Cathcart, Leadership & Sales Expert, Cathcart Institute

This year will be what you shape it to be. The news will be good and bad depending on the day and the category but your responses to it will determine YOUR year. The future you want to see will tell you what kind of person you\’ll need to be. Develop the qualities that will attract the future you want. The future truly is in YOUR hands!


New Year Greetings

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