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Our Mission

Building Profitable and Sustainable Business Friendships

Mastermind Brainstorming Teamwork

Our Vision

A Santa Barbara Community Where Every Business Owner
Makes a Difference and is Thriving!

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The greatest frustration business owners often express is getting known, finding affordable marketing methods, and gaining new clients. The Santa Barbara Business Network enjoys helping business owners connect with the right resources and provides affordable marketing services and products.

We serve as a One-Stop-Shop for business owners and entrepreneurs through the online business directory and events such as the Santa Barbara Business Expo & Conference, and hands-on workshops.

We help businesses get known quickly and easily. From new businesses to established “Best Kept Secret” businesses, we’re here to help raise your visibility and engagement in the community.

Realizing we all go through Seasons in our life and business, the Santa Barbara Business Network serves to facilitate you connecting with other business resources, networks, and organizations that may best serve you in this particular season of your business.  However, it is up to you, as a member, to engage and act on the opportunities that arise through the connections.



  • You DO NOT have a WEBSITE (yet)
  • You’ve been in business for years and could use a SHOUT OUT!
  • You are established yet still a “best kept secret”
  • You’re NEW to Santa Barbara
  • You’re ready for More Exposure – Speak? Lead a Workshop? Advertise?

As a Member of The Santa Barbara Business Network, you get EXCLUSIVE access to opportunities you may not otherwise have access to individually.

YOU are uniquely designed, so why expect a cookie-cut solution?
We’re here to custom fit opportunities to your need and within your budget.


The Santa Barbara Business Network serves as an avenue for:

Providing marketing support with a personal touch to reach new clients. [ex. share your story, share your expertise, seize opportunities to be a featured business online or at events]

Welcome to the Santa Barbara business community!

JOB TRANSITIONS ~ skill sharpening and job connections

INTERNSHIPS ~ Hands-on experience and skill development for business and marketing majors, preparation for your dream job!

VOLUNTEERING in dynamic business environments.

Opportunities to apply natural talents and skills and raise your personal appeal to prospective employers or collaborative business partners.

An Incubator for Influencers


Have you noticed that every success principle celebrated in today’s business world may not necessarily be a “new” concept? perhaps simply “packaged” to appeal to the time?

Digging deeper we find that these proven principles, although newly packaged, can be found in the Bible ~ yes! there are hidden treasures in that ancient historical book, with stories of actual people, with the same basic struggles we face, documenting what happened – as they lived respecting the principles, or not…

The Santa Barbara Business Network is founded on Biblical principles, which is simply: Honor God. Serve Others.

We strive to see the best in others and treat each other as we would like to be
treated. Demonstrate Best Business Practices, with Integrity, Enjoy Creativity, and Produce with Excellence!

Integrity | Creativity | Excellence


The Santa Barbara Business Network and Santa Barbara Business Expo are grass root developments, started by two local entrepreneurial business owners: Sandy and Gino Goe, with the collaboration of other local professionals and businesses.

Unlike other networks managed by national organizations, the Santa Barbara Business Network is managed locally and welcomes collaboration and creative solutions in response to real time needs for local business owners, like you.

It’s launch and development has been inspired by the desire to make a difference for local business owners, in spite of challenges in this technological age – including the world wide web and social media marketing, and to facilitate meaningful connections for a thriving business.

The Santa Barbara Business Network serves as a HUB for Business Owners to connect with one another and discover resources to support your business or mission development.

Our History

“We are a grassroots network developed BY local business owners, FOR business owners.

A collaborative team of local professionals worked together to launch the original Santa Barbara Business Expo in 2013, lead by Sandy Goe, and co-founded with her husband Gino Goe, owner of G&G Construction and Property Maintenance. The annual expo provides opportunities for learning from keynote speakers, networking with other business owners and professionals, showcasing your business, and meeting new prospective clients.

Visionaries and mastermind contributors for the 1st annual SBBE included Sandy and Gino Goe, Patty DeDominic, Gene Sinser, Taylor Reaume, Sloane Reali, Dawn Thorpe, Robin Eschler, Julia St. Morgan, Kathy Ackley, Emily Atkins, and many volunteers, with the collaboration of local business networks, Women Economic Ventures (WEV), Goleta and Carpinteria Chambers of Commerce, SCORE, Scheinfeld Center of Entrepreneurship, and others.

Each year a team works together to design and produce an interactive event that serves with productive take aways for all who participate and attend.

The network website is designed to keep the connections warm and encourage relationship building, as it makes it easy to locate each other and connect with them throughout the year. We are continually developing the website for our members' best interest and benefit.

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