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Sharing Marketing Tips from Local Medical Professionals and Marketers

How do medical professionals (doctors, dentists, health pros) find new clients today? This is the QUESTION I asked the Alignable community, of which the Santa Barbara Business Network is proudly highly recommended. The reason I asked the question was to survey our local business community and gather information that may be helpful for us to…

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LISTENING by Jim Cathcart | Communication Skill

Listening Communication Tip from Jim Cathcart: A child once said that listening is wanting to hear. There is a big difference between merely hearing something and truly listening to it. Listening is an active behavior, it involves seeking the message, not just hearing the words. When you truly listen you seek the meaning in the…

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Women and Income ~ Financial Options

Should women really look at having two forms of income? Article by Lu Casillas, Blend2Day Have you ever looked at your closest circle of friends? You may have a friend who has a career, a friend who has a career and a part-time- job or even a friend who may have started her own side…

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Networking for Business Recovery: Legal Support Aid

Helping Families Rebuild Their Lives After a Double Disaster Article written by Maggie Dennison; Shared by SBBN Leadership Member, Emily Atkins LEGAL SUPPORT AID – THOMAS FIRE/MONTECITO FLOOD·TUESDAY, APRIL 3, 2018 Help us help 50 families/individuals, get free, quality legal and identity protection services, for a year Would you like to be a part of…

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Seniors: Will you Outlive Your Money?

Will You Outlive Your Money? Article By Lu Casillas Today, outliving your money is a key concern for Baby Boomers & Gen X. It is spoken about by more baby boomers than any other generation. Think about the  80 million boomers and 46 million gen-x’ers. Our country has never had a situation where people live…

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