June Gloooom – Antidotes Against Depression

June Gloom Fog in Southern California, Santa Barbara

June Gloooom is an annual summer phenomenon in Santa Barbara and surrounding coastal areas, it’s when bright sunny summer days are expected, but you have to wait for the fog to lift – which could take all morning and afternoon; and for some days the fog never lifts.  When the grey damp skies continue day…

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Daylight Savings Time Adjustment: Caffeine or Nap?

  Daylight Savings time change, although a mere hour difference, seems to hit hard for adjustments. You have a strong productive day, then hit a lull in the afternoon – somehow, you feel as if you’re energy fuel level is dropping rapidly.   As you review your action item list, what should you do? run to…

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Integrative Medicine Practitioner: Dr. Kathleen Boisen OMD, LAc, CH

Dr Kathleen Boisen, Integrative Medicine Practitioner

SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Kathleen Boisen, OMD, LAc, CH Dr. Boisen’s specialty is integrating Western medical protocol with Alternative medicine, and knowing which approach is most effective.  Her clients greatly benefit from her extensive knowledge and years of experience in both Eastern and Western medicine. Dr. Boisen’s expertise is highlighted in these areas of treatment: Integrative Medicine…

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Dentist, Dr Heath Montgomery, DMD, Assesses More Than Teeth

Dentist, Dr. Heath Montgomery and the Heath Montgomery Dental Office takes pride in being known as the patient-centered dental practice in Santa Barbara. “I want my patients to feel as if they have options and are more than just a procedure in the chair. Each patient is part of the solution to improving one’s quality of life. Hopefully,…

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