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How “Relationship Intelligent” are you?

Relationship Intelligence Ad

How “Relationship Intelligent” are you? By Jim Cathcart, author of Relationship Selling You’ve heard of Emotional Intelligence and Mathematical Intelligence, etc. but have you ever explored Relationship Intelligence®?  It is: The ability to understand and employ human connections effectively to achieve a Desired Outcome. In other words, it is being more intelligent about all of…

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2019 Tips for the New Year

New Year Greetings

We invited Santa Barbara Business Network Members and Friends to share tips for the NEW YEAR 2019, so here they are: JudyAnn Dutcher from Dutcher Design I use Trello similar to a “vision board” to write out all ideas for the year in all aspects of my life. I can add due dates, share with people, and…

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Email Marketing and Communications to Build Relationships

How do you develop your business communications?  How do you communicate to others about who you are, what you do, what your business can do for them? or simply share helpful tips from your expertise? Emails remain one of the most effective means of connecting with others – whether it’s for personal or for business…

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Daylight Savings Time Adjustment: Caffeine or Nap?

  Daylight Savings time change, although a mere hour difference, seems to hit hard for adjustments. You have a strong productive day, then hit a lull in the afternoon – somehow, you feel as if you’re energy fuel level is dropping rapidly.   As you review your action item list, what should you do? run to…

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Direct Sales with Today's Technology – How to engage Millennials

How to Attract Millennials to Your Direct Sales Company Who are the Millennials? “Millennials are technologically connected, ethnically diverse, socially conscious, and are much more segmented as an audience due to the rapid expansion of communication channels such as cable TV, satellite radio, and the Internet.  Millennials are less brand loyal, and due to the…

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