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Collaborative Marketing is Powerful with Business Networking

What does Business Collaboration look like?

Collaboration between a Wine shop and a Barber shop during evacuation period in Montecito due to the mudslides.

Richie’s Barber Shop on Coast Village Road

Richie Ramirez, owner of Richie’s Barber Shop,  set up a pop-up shop at Jamie Slone Wines.
Slone contacted the barber and offered the space for free. Ramirez was thrilled. He had not been able to access his shop to work due to the mudslides.

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The Santa Barbara Business Network is a grassroots organization, i.e., developed through building relationships and sharing strengths collaboratively!  The Linked In Article by Marketing & Communication Network entitled “Eight Ideas for Collaborative Content Marketing”  underscores the power of collaborative marketing, which is what our network is designed to facilitate and celebrate!

We look forward to learning more about YOUR business and the type of CONTENT you may like to contribute.  If you aren’t a business or leadership member already, please register at  or Click Here

Network members are encouraged to reach out to one another and invite collaboration.  Contact Us if you could use some help connecting.

Here’s the beginning of the article:

Content collaboration is just what it sounds like; you’ll have multiple people working together on a single piece of content, usually for your brand. It can involve people from within your organization, outside influencers, or even competitors, in some cases.

But why is this so effective, and what are some of the best ways to harness it?

Why Collaboration Is Powerful

These are the three main reasons I love collaborating on content:

  • Resources. Collaborating is a perfect way to share resources and complement each other’s areas of specialty. For example, if you’re good at research and your co-collaborator is especially skilled at producing images, you can work together and combine your areas of expertise to produce an exceptional infographic.
  • Perspectives. With two or more voices collaborating on a single piece, you’ll be able to include more perspectives—and therefore a better-rounded view on your subject matter. Even if you’re mostly in agreement on an issue, you may offer different points and takeaways.
  • Audience. Last but not least, if you’re working with two (or more) influencers in the industry, you’ll instantly multiply your prospective audience and readership. For example, if you partner with an influencer who has 10,000 followers on social media, when your piece is complete, you’ll instantly get up to 10,000 more impressions. This makes collaborative content a powerful tool for attracting shares and links.

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