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on being a Thriving “Brick and Mortar* Business” Owner! 

As fellow business owners in Santa Barbara, we realize the importance of keeping up with the age of technology while preserving the values and principles that maintain the foundation on which our businesses have been built on.

How do we find a balance?  

We are so busy working our businesses and providing quality products and services; while so many new ventures can jump right in and sweep away attention just by making a presence in the virtual world of technology such as social media marketing, pop-up ads, video posts, on-line advertising, and other on-line tools.

The Santa Barbara Business Network is a grass roots development to support local business owners and entrepreneurs such as yourself.   Respecting the priorities of maintaining a healthy prosperous business, we also recognize the necessity of incorporating new marketing tools in order to thrive in today’s age of technology.  This is a network focusing on the positive and being pro-active to seize opportunities to thrive. 

Who has the time to research the tools available and shop the options for the best fit for our particular business?  Not many.  And then, of all the choices you have virtually, how do you know which one you can trust with your marketing investment?  There are no guarantees ~ that’s just life.  However, we can increase the probabilities of favorable experiences by connecting through a network of like-minded professionals and business owners.  The network website and Facebook pages help facilitate these type of connections.

Formula for Success in Santa Barbara:  Seize Opportunities with a Positive Attitude. Set Goals. Look Forward, Pursue to Completion.

We hope you will consider this invitation to include you and your business in our community. 

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