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Connecting Helping Hands with Volunteer Opportunities in Santa Barbara

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Everyone is capable of helping others.

The Santa Barbara Business Network (SBBN) is developing a page on its website that will include local businesses or organizations that could use an extra hand when available, not long-term commitments, simply places that would welcome a helpful hand with appreciation.


Please provide this information:
1. Your Business/Organization Name / Brief Introduction
2. The Mission or Purpose of the project
3. What help are you needing?
4. Who should be contacted and their contact information
5. Any other notes that may be helpful, such as days/times, description of tasks, additional benefits of engaging with you and your organization,…

Please send to
If you have a photo you’d like to share feel free to include.

Target Date to Collect Volunteer Opportunities:  AUGUST 15, 2019
Target Publication Date:   By SEPTEMBER 1, 2019


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Benefits of Volunteering – Sloane Reali, Professional Vocal Coach, Santa Barbara

When I began Volunteering at Hearts Therapeutic Riding Academy just over two years ago I never imagined it would lead me where I am today.  At that time my 17 year old Vocal Business felt as if it were coming to an end and I was feeling a little desperate as to how I would generate income for my family.  In addition, time has always been a huge factor trying to manage kids, school, sports and trying to stay in business.  In my frustration, and bit of a tantrum I headed up to the Hearts facility instead of passing it by as I’ve done for the past 20 years.  I quickly fell in love with the horses and was surprised how much I cared for the clients who benefit from the services Hearts offers.

I was grateful to learn that Hearts would train me in every capacity I might be used as a volunteer.  I knew very little about horses, their behavior, horse therapy, etc.  My one morning a week grew quickly as my time opened up and my interest grew.  From mucking stalls, to grooming, sidewalking to leading, to helping train new volunteers, and even helping with our Summer Camps, every day is still fun and exciting.  I’ve learned so much on so many levels and continue to increase my knowledge in the field of Equine Facilitated Learning.

What I didn’t anticipate when joining the volunteer team is that I would be completing the Equine Specialist Certification that will allow me the opportunity to participate in groundwork and therapy sessions alongside a Mental Health Professional and clients from organizations such as Calm and Girls Inc. to name a couple.  I did not expect that I would launch an 18 week pilot program with women in recovery starting with breathing and meditation, singing and centering and ending with healing and horses.  My life is forever changed as a result of being of service.  I’ve made lifelong friends and my Vocal Business is thriving again.  I came for the horses and stayed for the people.

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Contributions toward this community effort is welcome, yet optional.  THANK YOU FOR ENGAGING!
Participants may be found through the network online Community Directory, Search: “VOLUNTEER”


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