Covid-19 and the Santa Barbara Business Network Solution Providers

The Santa Barbara Business Network is a grassroots network of business owners. The vision of this “organically grown” business family of #BusinessFriendships is to improve the quality of life of those in our community and in turn equipping them to help others, here and everywhere they may make an impact.

Helping the Community of Small Business Owners, one person at a time ~ each entrepreneurial business owner has a story, and each has their own challenges, yet all of them share one thing in common: working so hard on their business they either don’t have time or the budget to market their business, so many are faceless in this fast pace technological society.  The majority of small business owners, especially the brick and mortar shops that have served from their heart for centuries, are left in the dark – having little or no on-line presence.  The smart marketers and wealthy are the ones who tend to come up on top for visibility; yet they are not necessarily the BEST in their field, nor the most trustworthy.  

When the un-informed small business owners finally realize the old ways are not working for them, and they decide to jump into the tech world, they are extremely vulnerable to scammers.  This is where a little education can go a long way!  This is also when referrals and warm connections can be life savers, personally and professionally.  This is where we serve as the Santa Barbara Business Network (SBBN) with our mission of building business friendships to be profitable and sustainable.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, the world has been forever changed!  Business is NOT as “usual”.  The small business owners MUST get their business on-line to survive this economic tsunami!  Our efforts to help small business owners has become even more urgent and critical – they don’t have years to adjust and “think about it”  – they need to just DO IT, but with whom? and what?   Most resort to “Google”, which could be a hit or miss with trustworthy counsel and service providers.  Through the Santa Barbara Business Network, we provide a platform for warm connections and introductions, an extra layer of safety when shopping for new services.  Using the network website, solution providers may introduce themselves, it’s also an avenue for business owners to get exposure with their business profile, get friendly introductions, and find opportunities for greater exposure through live and virtual events, group advertising, and creative marketing campaigns.   Group pricing is an advantage of working with a network of business owners; we receive special offers that would not be available to individuals.

We are currently seeking more SOLUTION PROVIDERS to feature on our website and be included in our list of referrals for best businesses providing essential services needed, such as:

___ Business Plan Consultants

___ Financial Advisors

___ Graphic Designers who are marketing savvy, creative, and flexible
(for logo designs, graphics for websites & on-line purposes,
graphics for flyers and other items for print)

____ Website Designers and Developers

____ (Your Specialty)

If interested in being considered for being a Solution Provider with the Santa Barbara Business Network, please email Include your full name, business, and what solutions you provide for small business owners, your contact information (email & cell number).
Please reply by April 30, 2020.

To be included in the online network business directory, please visit the website and select SIGN UP, or click the FREE-90-day ad on the home page.

Thank you for helping us build profitable and sustainable business friendships, a supportive community for small business owners that could touch the world.

Warm regards and blessings,
Sandy Goe
Co-Founder, CEO
Santa Barbara Business Network
Santa Barbara Business Expo

Santa Barbara Business Network Solutions flyer
Email to be included as a Solution Provider

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