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Create Passive Income with Massive Connections! Webinar with Tonya Hofmann, CEO & Founder Public Speakers Association


  • Have you been wanting to reach MORE people? break out of your regional barriers?
  • Do you have a message you have been wanting to share to MORE people?
  • Curious about what it means to “create passive income”?Then, you will enjoy this webinar with Tonya Hofmann!

Keynote Tonya Hofmann

Tonya is the CEO and Founder of the Public Speakers Association, her two rules for association is:
1) You have to be nice and
2) You can’t be perfect!

Tonya was one of the keynote speakers for the Santa Barbara Business Expo, and has been growing her international network, local to global.

Her warm and friendly approach to public speaking and how to change lives through video is delightful.


Here is aSandy Goe and Tonya Hofmann photo of me (Sandy) and Tonya Hofmann, when we first met at a seminar in North Hollywood in 2015. Since then, we have had the pleasure of having Tonya as one of the featured Keynote Speakers at our annual Santa Barbara Business Expo & Conference, held at Fess Parker’s Doubletree Hotel in Santa Barbara (now called the Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront). A few years has flown by and it’s so exciting to see how much Tonya has grown her abundant network from local to global! and welcomes all to share in this abundance of great connections!
What a treat to host a webinar with her today. In brief, we covered
  • how fleeting trends are
  • know your core values and stay true to them
  • pick your 2 un-breakable rules (for example, Tonya’s criteria for people connections are #1 Must be Nice (not negative) and #2 Can’t be “Perfect”
  • Be yourself and people will connect with you
  • Build a community that appreciates the authentic YOU
  • Avoid fabricating your target market (she explains)
  • Identify your unique qualities, use video to reach others and help improve their lives
  • & more wonderful recommendations were shared by Tonya
  • plus a sneak peak at her new WOWdible app to be released soon!
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Enjoy the video and feel free to reach out to Tonya!
She is listed in the Santa Barbara Business Network directory as one of the Solution Providers.


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