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I LOVE Lucy! Lucy Whittington that is! she’s smart, she’s witty, and delivers real growth messages in such a delightful way; she’s like Mary Poppins with a teaspoon of honey to help the medicine go down.

Here’s a recent message from Lucy. Please read and let us know your thoughts. Join and engage in the Santa Barbara Business Network, and be appreciated for Your special “thing”, as Lucy would say.

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Some of us are vocal campaigners for causes that mean a lot to us, while others quietly stand up for what is right, over and over, taking actions that make a difference. Both get results.

Some of us work better in groups, constantly sharing ideas and updating our team on what we’re working on, while some of us prefer to ‘get on with our Thing’ and report in when it’s done. 

Some of us are relishing working from home and having few interruptions to our day, while others are missing other humans so much they are now chatting to their pets…

Some of us like to write, others to speak.

Some of us have been working harder than they ever have, others have found it hard to concentrate. 

Some of us are relishing new challenges and change, while some of us find this really alarming and don’t want anything to be different. 

Some of us have faith in humanity that we’re having new conversations and making big changes for the future in how we treat others and our planet, while some of us can’t believe it seems that people haven’t learned anything and some things seem ‘worse than before’. 

I would always encourage you to look at what you can now do differently with your Thing when things are different. There’s always a new way to think, a new way to act, a new way to do your Thing. And knowing how you do things best will help to navigate new ideas and change. Don’t think you have to change your Thing, just think about how you can do it differently and do it better and where you can take it to have the most impact. 

Take you and your Thing to where it has most value, where you can use it to be heard and make a difference. If this means changing market or messages, working with different people or businesses, then do it. It’s down to you to make a difference with your Thing, even when things are different.

Please don’t give up if you’re not being heard. If your Thing is of value, know there are people ready to listen and hear what you have to say and want what you do, and they won’t hear you if you go silent. But you need to be in the right place for them to hear it. And that might be different to where it is right now.

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