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The Santa Barbara Business Network asked for feedback on what type of shops they would like to see on State Street and other nearby streets in downtown Santa Barbara. The community was used to reach out for replies.

We received 31 replies from locals, and thought you would like to read the shared ideas and suggestions.

In summary, these were the most popular suggestions shared:

  • Closing off State Street to traffic in areas, similar to the Santa Monica Promenade, Pasadena, or SLO, for more downtown engagement
  • Cafes in the street and fun activities
  • More Locally owned and operated stores as in years past
  • Craft stores
  • Boutique stores
  • Specialty Clothing shops
  • Personalized stores
  • Bookstores
  • Cafes set up for study and board games

Common Concerns include:

  • High rent making it difficult for business owners to keep stores open
  • Increase in homeless activity on lower State Street shopping areas, causing some to feel uncomfortable, not feeling safe to shop in those areas.
  • Too many chain stores. Not enough locally owned shops

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If you are in a position of influence in the area of business development in Santa Barbara, you may like to review the feedback in detail, and reach out to those who have considerable suggestions. For example, Terry Duffy or Glyphics Design suggests a “creative environment like Santa Monica, with unique boutiques and pop up museum exhibits as well as interactive art environments.” Brian Bermudes from Brian’s Heating & Air Conditioning also agreed with others about closing off part of State Street to traffic – also mentioning cafes in the street and fun activities. He also suggests month-to-month rent options for business owners. Mention is also made for the need of a place where teens can socialize, such as an arcade with food options.

Marcus Schiff from AB design studio, inc. shared information from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and a State Street Design Charrette: “Making State Street Work.” Click the link above to view comments, which includes a link to read more.

There are opportunities for collaboration and building a stronger economically healthy community as we support one another with our unique strengths and talents.

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