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There is an extraordinary opportunity for anyone seeking to do more for his/her personal, professional, or social growth. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to suck energy and thwart our natural human draw for personal social interaction and dynamic synergy among our family, friends, and local community.

Don’t give in to the vacuum! Rise up and shift your focus – to Your greater purpose God has created you for. Don’t take in the lie that you’re all alone, or that it’s up to you as a lone ranger, as a parent, as a business owner, as an over 65-er isolating due to Covid. There is an abundance of resources and support available to you. Reach out and you will be so pleasantly amazed what lies ahead for you!

Below is a snapshot of a rich collection of coaching and training available through BeeTraining via BeeKonnected. We must keep exercising our brains and social skills or you know how the saying goes, “Use it or Lose it”!
Are you ready to get started?

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Connect today.
Warm regards & Happy Trails,
Your Virtual Cheerleader,
Sandy Goe
Co-Founder, CEO
Santa Barbara Business Network
Women’s Community Business Network
Associate Leader for Santa Barbara Hub at BeeKonnected

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