Santa Barbara Business Network

Executive Exhibitor Package

Limited to 100 Participants.
First Come, First Included basis.
Deadline January 30, 2018.

Limited Offer ~ Includes 1 Year Leadership Membership PLUS Exhibit Table ~ only $995

Exclusive Opportunity  |  Monthly Exposure  |  Showcase

Exclusive Opportunity

Up to 100 qualified businesses
accepted into this special program.

Experience marketing on a monthly basis,
leading up to your showcasing
at an event during the year!

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Monthly Exposure


  • 1- Year Leadership Member Benefits, including ability to post your events
  • Listing in Directory with ability to update
  • Landing page linked from your directory listing with ability to update
  • Leading Up to Your Showcasing at one event during the year - i.e. Exhibit Table to meet people face-to-face

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Newsletters & Virtual Gift Bags

Included in this Executive Package
is the opportunity
to include your business in
Special Edition Newsletters
and a Virtual Gift Bag
~ who doesn't love receiving gifts?

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We are seeking professionals who are eager to share their expertise, demonstrate integrity and follow through to the finish line!  This Executive package provides opportunity to sharpen your skills, raise awareness of your services, and enjoy growing your network and client base.

If you'd like to be included, please click the "YES!" box and complete your contact information.  We will be in touch and will help you with registration and getting your business added to the On-line Directory!

Limited to 100 Participants by January 30, 2018.
First come, First included.

Questions?  Call 805-452-3632  |  Email:

Limited Offer ~ Includes 1 Year Leadership Membership PLUS Exhibit Table ~ only $995


Get out of the shadows!
Joining the Santa Barbara Business Network
instantly brings you up from SOLO
to being a part of a BIGGER PICTURE
with the support of our business community.


What a wonderful event! What struck me the most was the positive energy everywhere. It was such a great group of people. 

- Yolanda

The speakers are great and I always learn something useful for my business.

- Minette

We truly enjoyed the Santa Barbara Business Expo!
The variety of vendors was impressive and we made great contacts by visiting each booth.

~ Monica

Sandy Goe has successfully envisioned and directed the Santa Barbara Business Expo which brought together a wonderful mix of talented people to share, connect and expand their businesses and the Santa Barbara community. 

~ Brecia

Sandy is the consummate professional. Her events are well-organized, flow smoothly and she collaborates with high quality vendors and business partners. She is a team player with a sunny, positive approach to life, and that makes her a welcome addition to any business venture! & join her network!

~ Martine


A Theme is set for each event.
The 2015 Santa Barbara Business Expo's theme:
"You are the Celebrity of Your Business"