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The Future of Collaborative Marketing: Santa Barbara Business Network

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Collaborative Marketing and Networking

Collaborative Marketing, The Santa Barbara Business Network

Here at Santa Barbara Business Network, we are a clear example of collaborative marketing.  As discussed in our blog on collaborative marketing, you have multiple people working towards a single goal for an individual brand.  Santa Barbara Business Network can help enhance your small business through marketing enhancements that can open new doors for you and your business. Below are just a few of our participants in collaborative marketing:

Pacific Coast Business Times:

With reports reaching the greater Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo area, Pacific Coast Business Times is your one stop shop for informative business journals. With postings on events, news articles, and market updates, you can stay informed on what’s happening in your area. For more information on how you can stay informed, CLICK HERE.


Luanne Casillas is one who is here to supply her clients with living benefits and financial security. Working out of the greater Los Angeles area,  Luanne is a Wealth Specialist with knowledge on the financial concepts of America. For more information on Blend2Day, CLICK HERE. 

Ameriflex Financial Service: 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your financial information presented right in front of you from a click of a button? With Ameriflex, you can do just exactly that. Located right here in Santa Barbara, Ameriflex will sort through your financial information to organize and review your future financial plans. For more information on Ameriflex, CLICK HERE. 

Redvue Data Systems: 

Need an extra protection program on your business? Redvue is just for you and your business. At Redvue, they focus on creating products that will solve problems, with their own product solutions. Their technology platform will protect your small business by the use of market data management. On more information on how you can protect your business, CLICK HERE for more information on Redvue.

Ambitny, Inc.

In the digital era we live in currently, information gets spread faster and more efficiently, which can help grow your business. The question is, how does one get started? At Ambitny, data experts will work with you attentively to help you to understand your online audience’s behavior through integration, collection and the interpretation of online data. For more information on how you can grow and understand your online audience, CLICK HERE.

We look forward to learning more about YOUR business and the type of CONTENT you may like to contribute.  If you aren’t a business or leadership member already, please register at or CLICK HERE.

Article written by Juliet Ross
SBBN Team Member

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