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The Santa Barbara Business Network helping with Disaster Recovery

Networking for Recovery

HELP by Sharing YOUR Story

Santa Barbara, CA — The Santa Barbara Business Network (SBBN) would like to respond to the people and businesses impacted by the Thomas Fire and the mudslides by offering services to help them share their stories, raise awareness of their need, and help connect them with resources that may support them in their business recovery. 

Submit your story (up to 800 words) to Include your name, business name, phone and email.  The network will be hosting a workshop for participants to share their stories, learn from professional writers and speech coaches, and help them prepare for story delivery through various avenues: blogs, social media, video, and TV.

Deadline for first group of stories has been extended to March 10, 2018.

The Thomas Fire was the worst fire in California history burning 281,893 acres destroying 1063 structures and damaging 280 structures. Grateful for the work of the firefighters, first responders, and brave individuals, loss of lives were limited to two members of the community.

The Montecito mudslides were devastating to the community taking 21 lives and destroying over 100 structures.  The aftermath continues.

Now in this time of need of recovery and healing, people and businesses are rebuilding and seeking counsel.  For many, sharing their stories can be a valuable part of their healing process and building resilience  ~ while potentially helping others at the same time.  If you have a story to share on how you and your business was affected, the network is currently taking submissions where selected stories will be published and have a chance to be in a special program produced by TV Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara Business Network.  Acts of heroism and untold stories of acts of kindness and sharing miracles of grace are also to be celebrated.   The Santa Barbara Business Network would like to bring a message of hope and overcoming these trials.

The Special TV Program, that will be produced by TV Santa Barbara, will consist of a collection of stories shared by those directly affected by the recent fire and mudslide disasters in the Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.  The program is expected to air in Spring 2018.

If you have any questions you can call 805-452-3632.

The Santa Barbara Business Network is a grass-roots network, co-founded by Sandy and Gino Goe, with the vision of a “Santa Barbara where every business owner makes a difference”.  The network website ( serves as a Hub to connect.  It boasts a user-friendly Directory to be a quick easy way to reach warm connections and valuable resources most typically needed by business owners and entrepreneurs.  For example, in the instance of the onset of dangers such as the Thomas Fire, you can search “Emergency” and access key disaster relief and emergency contact sources, such as CalFire, FEMA and find Pet Evacuation information.

The website serves to help raise business visibility and engagement online and in-person. Network members receive exclusive access to opportunities and connections that may not be found individually .  One of the services available to help business members share their stories or introduce the public to their business is the Business Spotlight Package that includes an interview to discuss business goals, identify their target client, define their message, and create a call to action; then your choice of a custom article featuring your business or a custom 3-minute video using your photos, text, and ending with your website and call to action will be produced.  Both are valuable for using in promotional campaigns and branding.   A menu of  “a-la-carte” services may also be found on the Showcase/“Promotion Specials” page at

TV Santa Barbara operates two community access channels, 17 & 71, TVSB Voice and TVSB Culture. With studios and offices at 329 South Salinas Street, the Mission of TV Santa Barbara is to empower people to make media that matters. TV Santa Barbara (TVSB) provides open access to media technology for companies and individuals who want to tell stories, share ideas, and create television shows, independent films, web videos and documentaries. Everyone is welcome at TV Santa Barbara regardless of level of experience.  TVSB’s MediaU program provides hands-on training in media technology and communication. TV Santa Barbara’s video production studios provide members with classes, field production equipment and creative services for the entire community.  For more information on TVSB, visit

For more information on this special recovery project and to submit your story,

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