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How “Relationship Intelligent” are you?

How “Relationship Intelligent” are you?

By Jim Cathcart, author of Relationship Selling

You’ve heard of Emotional Intelligence and Mathematical Intelligence, etc. but have you ever explored Relationship Intelligence®?  It is: The ability to understand and employ human connections effectively to achieve a Desired Outcome. In other words, it is being more intelligent about all of your relationships. Cultivating the valuable ones and avoiding the ones that are liabilities.

In business, every relationship is a potential asset…or liability. When you select the right customers for what you do, the right coworkers to help you do it, and the right agreements by which to operate, then all of your strength comes to bear, and your success is easier and faster.

Many people are “people smart”, in that they know how to win friends and cultivate relationships. But some of those same people waste enormous opportunities on the wrong relationships or the wrong kinds of agreements/deals. You can become profoundly more intelligent about every one of your connections and future contacts by learning some new patterns of thinking about: business, customers, the value you provide, the deals you make and the outcomes you are seeking.

The more Relationship Intelligent you become, the more quickly you will succeed.

People who have higher levels of Relationship Intelligence® are:

  • More confident and articulate when selling or handling customer issues
  • More honest and open about what they do
  • Better at Negotiations and Better Listeners
  • More proactive in keeping Relationships strong and vital
  • Less likely to have “orphan accounts” or neglected customers
  • Better at handling change, in fact, they welcome it!
  • Better Self Managers: they motivate themselves and manage the metrics.

Cathcart Institute, Inc. has partnered with publisher to create The Relationship Intelligence® Advanced Certification. This 12-module course has 39 parts that are delivered online over a 12-week time frame. You can access the lessons from any mobile device or via your desktop computer. The curriculum is based on the proven concepts and techniques in my 19 books, including: The Acorn Principle, Relationship Selling, The Self Motivation Handbook and other international bestsellers. This is not theoretical training, it is practical Applied Behavioral Science combined with proven Business Strategy.

You will learn new ways of thinking about Sales, as a way of helping people at a profit. New ideas about the nature of Business; as a living system with a need for growth and providing value. A different and better way of defining a Relationship: A direct connection between people in which Value is exchanged. And much more. The 3-time Silver Award winning “Sales IQ Plus” assessment is included and will guide you through 48 real world business scenarios to determine the best ways to deal with each. At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate confirming that you have acquired this new and valuable skill.

The Santa Barbara Business Network is an affiliate of Cathcart Institute and offers this course including the coaching and additional resources that come with it. As you enroll your team in this training, it will multiply the value you receive from your Network, since all of you will be embracing the same, more effective ways of approaching the growth of your business. Networking itself will gain more value and you’ll see opportunities you hadn’t noticed before.

We encourage you to explore these concepts together and to share your insights with others.

Author: Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE is the author of 19 books, inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame, the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, and his TEDx video has received over 1.6 million views. He is past president of the National Speakers Association and is a long-time friend of SBBN and Santa Barbara’s business community. Contact him at or find him via most of the popular Social Media.

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