Integrative Medicine Practitioner: Dr. Kathleen Boisen OMD, LAc, CH

Dr Kathleen Boisen, Integrative Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Kathleen Boisen, OMD, LAc, CH

Dr. Boisen’s specialty is integrating Western medical protocol with Alternative medicine, and knowing which approach is most effective.  Her clients greatly benefit from her extensive knowledge and years of experience in both Eastern and Western medicine.

Dr. Boisen’s expertise is highlighted in these areas of treatment:

  • Integrative Medicine Practitioner
  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine
  • Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Homeopath

I met Dr. Boisen over 5 years ago, as we were members of the same networking group in Santa Barbara.  She always impressed me with having such a unique wealth of knowledge yet so approachable and with an enjoyable sense of humor.  When you meet Dr. Boisen, I expect that you will also feel confident of her trustworthiness and sincerity to help you find the best approach for your situation.

She is a rare find, in that she is a medical professional who has knowledge and respect for BOTH western and eastern medicine, along with a unique history of other experiences such as having a degree in medical anthropology and sociology, training in neuroscience and more!  After talking with her, it’s not surprising that she also was a linguist and a teacher.

Learn more about Dr. Boisen by visiting her website, or when you visit with her.  With a preliminary phone consultation (at no charge) your personal questions can be explored.

It is a pleasure to welcome Dr. Kathleen Boisen, as a member of the Santa Barbara Business Network.

Connect with Dr. Boisen at (805) 965-4232.

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