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LISTENING by Jim Cathcart | Communication Skill


Communication Tip from Jim Cathcart:

A child once said that listening is wanting to hear. There is a big difference between merely hearing something and truly listening to it. Listening is an active behavior, it involves seeking the message, not just hearing the words. When you truly listen you seek the meaning in the message and you honor the other person by doing so.

Everyone loves a good listener. They can console us when we are hurting, admire us when we are expressing ourselves, and learn from us when we are teaching. One of the great insults is to be ignored and one of the great compliments is to be listened to. Learn to be an ACTIVE listener. Focus your attention on the other person, ask what they really mean, restate their message to assure that you got it, and show them that you care about what they are saying. When you do this, they will respect you even more. You don’t have to agree with people to be a good listener, you simply have to work to truly understand them. So don’t just hear what they say, listen for their meaning.


Commentary by Sandy Goe:
Jim Cathcart is the author and founder of Acorn Principles.  He offers a wealth of wisdom and delivers with warmth and humor.  Communication skills is his specialty, winning top speaking awards and sought after world wide as a Keynote Speaker and influencer.
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