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#MySantaBarbara is NOT #YourSantaBarbara

The annual Santa Barbara Business Expo (SBBE) is a grassroots production.
The Santa Barbara Business Network, a privately owned organization, is a local “organically” grown network of business owners and entrepreneurs with a creative collaborative spirit, encouraging business owners to develop creative solutions for today’s business challenges, to collaborate, and to showcase their businesses and no longer be a “best kept secret”.

The network’s website,, serves to facilitate connections throughout the year. You are encouraged to share your expertise, Connect with others, Network and Grow.
We are currently getting a “Face and Body” lift and will be launching the new dynamic website soon! Be sure to be on our email list to get the NEWS.

BACKGROUND: The original Santa Barbara Business Expo, is a uniquely designed business event founded in 2012 by Independent Business Owners, Gino and Sandy Goe, with a Team of local Business Professionals, FOR Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs, like YOU!

The name “Santa Barbara Business Expo” is the result of our Mastermind group in 2012.
The business name and domain were immediately purchased and the brainchild launched on April 20, 2013 at Fess Parkers Doubletree Hotel as our 1st Annual Santa Barbara Business Expo!

The Santa Barbara Business Network encourages Leadership and best business practices, honesty and working together for the benefit of others as well as our own businesses.

Thank You for your support. YOU truly make a difference.

Please do NOT confuse us with any imitation events bearing such a similar name as to cause confusion. We have asked the SB Chamber numerous times to kindly NOT use our event name “Santa Barbara Business Expo”. They argue they are using their tagline: “#MySantaBarbara” -really?!?! and it has to be right in front of the words “Business Expo”? We encouraged them to use a unique distinct name that would clearly be a Chamber event with the benefit of us being able to cross-promote – we could help them, they could help us – as we both serve the same: local business owners. Our suggestion was refused and they seemed even more determined to spitefully use our event name. How does their attitude and actions demonstrate their support for small business owners? We are one of them – not exactly feeling the love here.

Thank you for the compliment SB Chamber officials! That our organically grown event has been so impressive that an organization established over 100 years ago has been so adamant about using our event name. As a small business owner supporting other small business owners in Santa Barbara, it is difficult to recommend them joining your organization. Networking events have value – and we actually encourage business owners to attend such events, even those hosted by the SB Chamber.

Taglines? If the SB Chamber is “MySantaBarbara”, then the Santa Barbara Business Network is #YourSantaBarbara”. Our focus and service is for YOU, this is YOUR network, to support YOU and YOUR business, and to share the love with other fellow small business owners. We need one another ~ besides it’s more fun when we work together!

The Santa Barbara Business Network: “where every business owner makes a difference.”
We are “#YourSantaBarbara”!

For more information on our network, how you may engage your business, be showcased and supported, email

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