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News: BeeKonnected B2B Networking Engine launching September 1, 2020

Announcing a NEW Business to Business Networking Search Engine: BeeKonnected

This tool will elevate your professional connections exponentially.

Do you need to pivot your business and get it ONLINE, yet have limited resources and limited knowledge on how to best and most efficiently do this?

Consider this timely offer that includes ALL 3 key critical elements needed when setting up your business online and pivoting your business to succeed.

Sweet pre-launch deal: FREE lifetime membership
by just referring 2 others who join
2 = FREE

WHY such a sweet deal? because we are building a community of quality professionals where pro-action reaps rewards.

Since Covid-19, internet activity has exploded in demand and popularity. Rules have changed with facebook ads (limitations, restrictions, higher ad pricing) and scams are hitting us in every area. This makes more personal connections and additional screening layers that much more valuable. Knowledge will also help protect you from falling into schemes and traps. The new BeeKonnected platform addresses all these concerns.
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3 key critical elements included in the BeeKonnected package:
1) World Class Training from seasoned online professionals, addressing each level of your online development and income producing funnels. If you would buy even one of these courses individually you would be paying hundreds of dollars. These are included in your membership!

2) The Konnection Generator: Business-to-business automated search engine making connections for you in seconds. The technology functions like a dating app but the questions are business specific. The more you use it, the artificial intelligence works for you in refining best matches for you and your business. Members are vetted and you grade your experie

3) Group Savings for services valuable to entrepreneurs and world class leaders, such as getting access to the world’s most popular webinar software that is usually over $200/month for only $12.99/month with your BK membership

Plus would you like to earn additional income? residual income? There’s a 2-tiered affiliate program you may be included in. Even additional earning potential if you join by August 31 during pre-launch.

The BeeKonnected platform is launching on September 1, 2020, and it’s going to be wild!

Questions? Please do not hesitate to call or text me. The time is ticking, the excitement is building up! From B2B connecting to producing your own Webinars this is a community that you can make work for you. We are here for you! Join this elevated professional community today.

Sandy Goe
Co-Founder, CEO
Santa Barbara Business Network
BeeKonnected Affiliate

A little background of why I joined BeeKonnected:  The Founder and co-Owner of BeeKonnected is Tonya Hofmann, whom I’ve worked with and had her as one of our keynote speakers at our annual business expo in 2015. She’s a very genuine, honest, super energetic and generous woman – that’s why I felt comfortable supporting and engaging in BeeKonnected.  Tracy Repchuk is another of our keynote speakers and I’ve known her for years as well, and she is VP.

Here’s the link to a weekly 10AM PT Friday call with Tracy Repchuk: 


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