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The Santa Barbara Business Network serves to help people to become familiar with the valuable products and
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We are offering Business and Leadership members a special opportunity to be included in Special Edition
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Additionally, we have added an option to be included in a Facebook Ad, raising potential reach to 9000 or more.

Working together as a network empowers us to reach many more than we can individually. Combining our
resources enables group rates for publicity – so let us know what your specialty is and we will keep you in mind when publicizing that area of service.

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Thank you for your help with Redvue’s messaging. Looking pretty good. Hope that with your directives, we can help some of the local businesses in your community.Redvue is all about providing data appliances at small business price point and ease of use that up till now only big companies enjoy. “You did a great job for Redvue with the Email campaign.
Thank you so much.”
Johnny Tseng

“Hi Sandy I just wanted to give you a praise report. I had a new patient today and she found me through Yelp she said I was the first one that popped up!
I can only contribute to what you guys have done on your end because I haven’t done anything different.”
~ Dr. Karen Miller

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