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Dentist, Dr Heath Montgomery, DMD, Assesses More Than Teeth

Dentist, Dr. Heath Montgomery and the Heath Montgomery Dental Office takes pride in being known as the patient-centered dental practice in Santa Barbara.

“I want my patients to feel as if they have options and are more than just a procedure in the chair.
Each patient is part of the solution to improving one’s quality of life.
Hopefully, with my help, we can achieve this together.” ~ Dr. Heath Montgomery, DMD

Heath Montgomery Dental has been serving Santa Barbara for 8 and a half years.  Dr. Montgomery reveals that his professional vision for running his own dental practice is deeply rooted in the human and personal.  Simply put, “my ultimate goal is to get patients to not feel anxious about the dentist.”  So says Dr. Montgomery, whose primary focus is on getting patients to see that modern dentistry has come a long way just in just the past ten years alone, and who generally strives to help patients feel less trepidatious about undergoing dental work and procedures.

As both the CEO and sole oral physician working in the office every day, Dr. Montgomery faces a unique set of challenges as a business owner: “It’s been learning on the fly as we go along. There seems to be limited resources out there with regards to helping someone start a business and run a business as it relates to a professional program. While I enjoy doing dentistry, running a business is sometimes a challenge, [though] it’s one that I have embraced as much as I can because I enjoy what I do.”

Services offered at Heath Montgomery’s Santa Barbara practice include:

Another service Dr. Montgomery provides, one that sets this dentist apart from most, is his ability to perform IV sedation, an option rarely seen in your average dental practice.  Someone who suffers from high anxiety or fear of the dentist will find that Dr. Montgomery’s training in sedation puts them in a relaxed and tranquil state.  IV sedation differs from oral and gas sedation in that the amount of medication administered can be modified and adjusted based on the individual patient’s needs.  So, more or less medication can be applied depending on what the patient wants and how they respond to its potency.  An important factor patients must bear in mind is that the convenience and efficacy of IV sedation requires an additional cost, one which insurance often doesn’t cover.

As a dentist, Dr. Montgomery is trained to assess everything from the neck up.  Beyond checking for those pesky, unwanted cavities and performing routine teeth cleanings, Dr. Montgomery is also looking for more serious health concerns such as oral cancer, lesions, cardiac issues, kidney issues, or any other signs and symptoms of unhealthy teeth.  Dr. Montgomery recognizes certain symptoms and abnormalities may be indicative of larger, underlying health concerns.  As an example, he has found oral cancer in one patient and thyroid cancer in another patient.  If he notices something is remiss during a routine oral check-up, his follow-up move is to refer patients to the appropriate, corresponding practitioner.

All-around patient care and comfort is indeed the goal of the day at Heath Montgomery’s dental practice.  As Dr. Montgomery explains, “We are here to help as much as we can to people who need help. We try to listen to people’s problems. We try to help them understand what we see and see if there’s a way we can come together to make their lives better.”

Dr. Heath Montgomery accepts Aetna Insurance, some BlueCross plans, and Signa, among others.  For more information, contact his office at (805) 845-3240.

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