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Remembering Restoration Rainbow – Santa Barbara Community Project

Chromatic Gate Restored through Restoration Rainbow Fundraiser

Chromatic Gate Restored in 2013

The Chromatic Gate rainbow arch sculpture on East Cabrillo Boulevard was repainted in 2013 to restore its vibrant colors. (Noozhawk file photo on left)

Santa Barbara and visitors can enjoy the Chromatic Gate as a result of a small group of individuals coming together with the determination of restoring the iconic piece of art by Herbert Baer to its original brilliance in color and clarity. Enough money was raised not only for its restoration but for maintenance to keep it bright and beautiful.

Was it an easy project? not at all.  Fundraising began years prior, but fell short of having enough to do the job.  Fundraiser momentum went through cycles of ups and downs, and then seemed to go dormant for years; and the Chromatic Gate artwork was a public display of the inactivity.  The Restoration Rainbow project is a classic example of how one person can make a difference and change up the final outcome of anything.  You can be this person.

In this instance, it was Patty DeDominic and her late husband Gene Sinser.  The re-birth of this restoration project began with a sweet walk along the beach and passing by the Chromatic Gate structure and noticing how terribly faded and unimpressive it had become – yet so prominent as a landmark for Santa Barbara.  Millions pass by this structure, yet it was this couple that paused and allowed their creative pro-active juices to flow and then reach out to their connections and the local resources.

As reported in the Santa Barbara Independent on May 24, 2012: “Recent fund-raising efforts have been energized by the formation of a new dynamic team of co-chairs, Patty DeDominic and Gene Sinser and the formation of the Restore Our Rainbow (ROR) committee, in conjunction with The Arts Fund. DeDominic, an entrepreneur, strategic adviser, author, and supporter of women’s issues and Sinser, her husband, businessman and former gallery owner along with committee members, Barry and Jo Berkus, are setting a winning strategy for raising the rest of the funds to restore the Chromatic Gate. Efforts include a children’s campaign, business involvement, and public and private events.”

The Santa Barbara Business Network (SBBN) was pleased to support this project and our members eagerly engaged in the community to raise awareness of the project and rally for support.  Laura Goe, daughter of Gino and Sandy Goe, co-founders of SBBN and the annual Santa Barbara Business Expo, was selected to head up the youth program, which was designed to get the youth to learn how they can be pro-active and make a difference in their community and gain new skills in the process.

Patty DeDominic: “The Santa Barbara business network, the SB Arts Fund and the International Women’s Festivals were a powerful force for good we surpassed our fundraising goals by 100% in record time with our youth program, fun concert and outreach campaigns. It was ‘easy ‘ with so many great and loving volunteers.”

One person can make a difference. “Together we have exponential potential” is a motto the Santa Barbara Business Network has ran with since its inception in 2011 as the Women’s Christian Business Network.  The annual Santa Barbara Business Expo served as a one-stop-shop for business owners and entrepreneurs to come together, learn from keynote speakers, and connect with one another.  Their website,, serves as a 24/7 virtual HUB to continue building business relationships throughout the year, making it easy for people to find you and refer people to you.

The Restoration Rainbow project is just one example of what an impact a small group of people can make in our community.  The Santa Barbara Business Network is a grassroots organization with resources that may help support your next mission too.  For more information or to join, visit:

Restoration of Chromatic Gate receives funding. Team includes Patty DeDominic, Laura Goe, Laura Inks,

Restoration Rainbow Project Granted Check


Spencer Weiner Restoration Rainbow Youth Campaign organizer Laura Goe passes some hard earned $$$ to Santa Barbara Arts Fund’s Nina Dunbar at breakfast meeting Patty DeDominic‘s.. Onward!

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