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Santa Barbara Business Survey 1 Results Winter 2019

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The Santa Barbara Business Network collected feedback from a Survey that included these questions:

  1. 5 Most Positive points about living in Santa Barbara
  2. 5 Most Challenging points about living in Santa Barbara
  3. What is Your Business? and where is it located?
  4. What “problem” or pain point does your business solve for your client?
  5. How much do you spend on marketing each year?
  6. How do you find new clients for your business?
  7. Ideally, what would you like to find in a business network?
  8. How much are you willing to pay for such services?
  9. Would you be interested in participating in an event? as a Speaker, Sponsor, or Exhibitor?
  10. Finally, if you were featured in the news, what would be the headline?

Out of 20 Respondents, this is a Summary of the Answers received:

SURVEY 1 REVIEW  for the Santa Barbara Business Network 2019
by Jasmine Bingham

Summary from the survey results points to:

  • People are drawn to SB primarily for its climate and location
  • But find they pay a dear price for that in cost of living and cost of doing business
  • Respondents’ businesses target small business / individuals in mostly competitive fields
  • 60% spend under $500 per month on marketing; $5000 per year
  • Rely on word of mouth and networking for most leads
  • Find the benefit of joining a business network is mainly referrals
  • But don’t wish to pay more than $500 per year to support a network

Other questions in the SURVEY 1, mainly broadcast type of business and their service.


  • We choose to live and work here
  • We must bear the cost of such a place
  • Focus on how to increase sales to dilute the “floor” of costs embedded in SB
  • Referrals are the main lead / new business driver so find the best network that targets each consumer base
  • Most “robust” business networks need contributions from members in order to operate
  • Continuity of a business network ensures building on the momentum of its members’ interactions
  • How can each interested member contribute toward this end?

Since January 2019, A Leadership Team of local business owners and professionals has been forming with the Santa Barbara Business Network (SBBN) members and affiliates.  SBBN Mastermind meetings have been scheduled to discuss results of recent surveys and discuss possible solutions to the dilemmas facing business owners in Santa Barbara County.  Included in discussions are events and workshops that would begin to meet the expressed needs; event themes and plans will compliment the industries served.

The first project resulting from a Santa Barbara Business Network Mastermind Meeting is the 2019 Health and Wellness Expo, tentatively planned for Saturday, September 14, 2019, providing educational presentations, exhibits, and free screenings for healthy bodies and healthy businesses. Although the theme is Health and Wellness, it will boast business savvy professionals eager to share their expertise.  Santa Barbara Business Network’s current mission is “Building Profitable and Sustainable Business Friendships”, welcoming all to engage and participate as members of the Santa Barbara Business Network.  You are encouraged to be included.

For more information on joining, visit: and select “Sign Up”

If you’re interested in being included in the Health and Wellness Expo in any capacity,
contact Sandy Goe, Executive Director, at

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