Seniors: Will you Outlive Your Money?

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Will You Outlive Your Money?

Will You Outlive Your Money?

Article By Lu Casillas

Today, outliving your money is a key concern for Baby Boomers & Gen X. It is spoken about by more baby boomers than any other generation. Think about the  80 million boomers and 46 million gen-x’ers. Our country has never had a situation where people live longer and healthier than in past generations. It puts a strain on resources, Social Security is questioned, health insurance costs are growing and are predicted to cost 40% of our income in the near future.

For example, a nest egg of $300,000 seems substantial. However, what if an illness or injury arose? That money could be gone in one- to- three years. The cost of a care facility is over $100,000 a year ($8,400 monthly). The question then becomes; if all of your money is in a volatile position, how much are you willing to lose? Of course, your answer is none of it! Yet, as a majority we allow all of our money to be tied up in programs full of fees, taxes, volatility and worse; lack of liquidity! There is a form of financial protection that can provide you with liquidity, living benefits and a tax- free growth option.

I can show you a way to increase your network and create a tax-free bucket with living benefits. I specialize in this area and I believe it is important that we as women take care of ourselves first so we can be 100% for our families and businesses. Having a plan in place that can change one’s life for the better is key.

Think about this. There’s no need to avoid the conversation anymore. It can be as simple as an adjustment to what you’re already doing for your future. Simply start with a conversation about Lifetime Income.

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