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Sandy and Gino Goe at 2017 SBBE
Sandy and Gino Goe

The Santa Barbara Business Expo was designed and founded by Sandy and Gino Goe, entrepreneurs and business owners who stepped out to serve fellow business owners with a dynamic collaborative event enriched with valuable take aways from Keynote speakers and industry experts and exhibitors.  It's a unique event with a mix of fun and purpose - with the ultimate goal of supporting thriving business development, while connecting throughout the year through the Santa Barbara Business Network's online business directory at

The 5th annual Santa Barbara Business Expo was held on April 29, 2017.  

The production team shares the vision of  "A Santa Barbara Community Where Every Business Owner Makes a Difference".

Listed below are Team members who have generously shared their talents and services in order to make this production come together and serve so many.

Please reach out to them and learn more about their talents and services.  They look forward to learning more about yours too!

You will also find them in the Directory at

Hiba Hamdan

Speaker & Stage Coordinator

Tereza-Gabriela at Checkin_5724

TEREZA Mojzisova & GABRIELA Piorkowska
Marketing Assistants


SCORE Santa Barbara
Bob Vitamante with Gene Sinser

Team of SCORE advisors provided free consultations for this conference.

MattS talking

TV Santa Barbara Executive Director

TVSB Crew:
Mark Melson,
Oscar Gutierrez,
JP Montalvo,

Hiba Hamdan,
Courtney Frazer

Interview at Santa Barbara Business Expo

MARK MARTONY, Sports Announcer, as TVSB Program Host for the 2017 SBBE
TVSB partnered with the Santa Barbara Business Network, providing filming and production for a special program to show on TVSB this summer.


Social Media Marketing Team

Gabe Perea, Gabriela Piorkowska, Juan Arteaga, & Cidney Lee


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