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Songwriter Welcomes Help Fighting Covid-19 blues with Good Vibes


Lisa Goe is writing songs just for you!!!! Who doesn’t want their own personal song during this time.

Click the link to Lisa Goes Gofundme. $100+ contribution will allow you to send 3 random words or a concept/ phrase in the comments after contribution. $500+ will give you a 20 minute more detailed conversation with Lisa to make your song even more personal!

Let’s fight Covid-19 with some good vibes.

Click the image below

Please CLICK HERE to get started.
Lisa will contact you.
Click to listen to “Quicksand”, a song in LP

*please note all rights reserved to Lisa Goe. i.e., this is not considered a cowrite. All songs are for personal use only and will not be allowed to be uploaded on any streaming platform, YouTube, etc. without written consent. Lisa Goe reserves the right to upload on her own platform if she chooses including but not limited to streaming, tiktok, youtube etc.

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