Spite the Covid-19 Affect – Reach Out and Make Alliances

The Covid-19 has had economic, social and psychological impacts. Enough of the isolation! Enough of making decisions based on fear and the “what if”s. The future generations will forever be affected by the decisions we make today. As an entrepreneur and leader in your field, you have the power to make a difference, the power to change the trajectory of lives for the better. Today I’m sharing some food for thought, a challenge to step back and consider some out-of-the-box activities that can be a blessing to others and yourself and your business, and to all those whom you serve.

Reach Out and Connect

The Santa Barbara Business Network (SBBN) and our annual Santa Barbara Business Expo and Conference and website, were all designed to connect business owners and entrepreneurs with the resources they would need to grow personally and professionally. Connect, Learn, and Network was our event tagline. Collaborations have always been encouraged, building community and support for one another.

Our motto since the onset of our network has been: “You have potential. Together we have exponential potential.” This is more true than ever, especially in spite of the Covid-19 affects of isolation and social distancing. Pursue the new opportunities with creativity and innovation. Enjoy the journey and buddy up with our supportive local network. The Santa Barbara Business Network and Santa Barbara HUB of the worldwide B2B professional community are here to inspire and support your growth.

The Benefits of Building Alliances

Whether through a formal contract or a gentleman’s handshake, alliances can take many different forms. The best alliances are completely voluntary, open-ended relationships that either party can leave at any time. These may come in the form of real-world partnerships or may exist only online. Consider the following methods of collaboration, with varied strategic benefits:

  • Advertising together
  • Sharing marketing efforts
  • sharing trade show booth space
  • Co-authoring presentations
  • Co-branding promotional products
  • Offering referrals (with or without commissions)
  • Redirecting business to each other’s websites
  • Becoming “certified” by another company
  • Forming “preferred supplier” relationships
  • Integrating with noncompeting parts of the supply chain
  • Franchising
  • Sharing information and advice, as a “brain trust”
  • (add your ideas here)

This section is from Sell Local, Think Global: 50 Innovative Ways to Make a Chunk of Change and Grow Your Business (Career Press, 2014) by marketing message expert Olga Mizrahi, who has been a featured keynote speaker at our Santa Barbara Business Expo in 2013 and 2016. Olga Mizrahi is a marketing message expert, small business consultant, nationally sought after speaker, and blogs at ChunkofChange.com.

The Right Connections Made Easy with BeeKonnected

According to studies in the U.S. by Booz, Allen & Hamilton, in the past 25+years, the number of alliances has grown by 25% each year. There’s good reason for that kind of growth. There are a host of benefits to these types of relationships, including:

  • Saving money on shared expenses
  • Expanding your customer base
  • Utilizing on a partner’s expertise in a given area
  • Having a trusted advisor
  • Capitalizing on another company’s size or prestige


Some of the most popular alliances are demographic or geographic relationships. The key here is to ask, “Is there a company with a product or service that overlaps with my target audience and that I can partner with for a win/win scenario?”

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