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Photo of Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara

Helping Families Rebuild Their Lives After a Double Disaster

Article written by Maggie Dennison; Shared by SBBN Leadership Member, Emily Atkins


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Would you like to be a part of helping those affected to survive this trauma and get back on their feet? Well that’s great because you can! Help us to provide access to the legal counseling and guidance that can truly make a difference in how well and how quickly they can recover. Prevent predators from causing further trauma through identity theft and its potentially life altering consequences.
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First, The Thomas Fire Happened

The Thomas Fire is the largest wildfire in modern California history. It directly destroyed and damaged over 1,300 homes and structures in two counties. But it did more than just that. It eliminated trees, brush, and shrubs, altered watersheds and ‘fired’ the clay in the soil much like a kiln does for pottery, leaving the soil less penetrable, more ‘glassy’, and setup for a perfect flood runoff situation. And that’s exactly what occurred…
The fire was unrelenting…across county lines, city boundries, into residential neighborhoods, it didn’t matter. It took whatever was in its path.

Then, The Montecito Flood and Debris Flow Happened

Less than 2 weeks after the fire, as the communities of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties returned home from mandatory evacuations, an unprecedented rain storm hit. At one point it dropped .86″ [almost a full inch] of rain in five (5) minutes!! The devastation is unimaginable for those who haven’t lived through it, or at least seen the results first hand. As incredible and gut wrenching as the photos and videos have been from the scenes, they don’t do justice to the completeness of the devastation. In many locations the landscape has been totally altered. Homes, whole neighborhood blocks of homes, have been obliterated by mud, boulders, uprooted trees, and vehicles that were swept along. Twenty-one members of our community lost their lives due to the flood.
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