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Vocal Coaching by Sloane Reali: SBBN Business Spotlight

Sloane Reali

Sloane Reali is one of the founding members of the Women’s Community Business Network (WCBN) and the Santa Barbara Business Network and a self-employed business owner in Santa Barbara for over twenty years.  When Sloane first launched her vocal coaching business in 2000, she conceived of the venture as merely a hobby to fund hair, makeup, and wardrobe expenses for her band.  She started off helping people solely with singing coaching.  But this quickly evolved and expanded, with people seeking out her services to help them overcome various health issues ranging from ulcers to asthma.

The singing coaching is part of Sloane’s three-tiered offering of services, falling under the umbrella of practical vocal coaching assistance.  If you need vocal coaching to help improve the quality and range of your singing voice, Sloane is your woman.  If you’re a corporate type seeking to create or also refine your elevator pitch, Sloane has experience working with clients for that very purpose.

The second tier includes the aforementioned physical benefits of Sloane’s services.  Clients seeking to improve their health and wellness through singing and vocal exercises may experience profound results.  Amazingly, Sloane has even helped clients recover from strokes through speech and utterance coaching, while helping others work through persistent stutters.

Take one of Sloane’s clients, a transgender woman who underwent a surgical procedure to have her Adam’s apple removed.  The doctors warned her that the operation ran the risk of irrevocable harm to her vocal cords, words of caution that unfortunately came to fruition.  By the time this woman solicited Vocal Coaching by Sloane, she had lost 90 percent of her voice, which scarcely registered above a hoarse whisper following her operation.  Despite the daunting nature of the challenge, Sloane worked with this client to recover her voice and together they achieved success.

After practical and physical, the third tier of services and benefits provided by Sloane’s vocal coaching falls under the category of psychological.  She has helped a large number of people who have been affected by the Montecito mudslides and Thomas fire.  She explains that people hold their grief and distress in their chests and throats, adding that most of these clients come to her just for fun, to do something specifically for themselves, who just need to get their minds off the natural disasters.  But what they don’t expect is the therapeutic and healing component that comes with her singing and vocal coaching services.  “That healing component is starting to feel like half of what I do,” Sloane says.

One skill Sloane is continually teaching her clients is how to breathe deeply from their diaphragms.  “People have forgotten how to breathe,” she asserts simply.  Even with her singing coaching, Sloane encounters clients who are held back in their ability by powerful emotional baggage they carry from the past; for instance, the memory of someone telling them they couldn’t (or shouldn’t) sing.  For these clients, their low self-esteem and introjected negative self-talk can be a haunting presence in the room that Sloane must work with them to overcome.  In her professional experience, a client’s inability to breathe from the diaphragm often signifies an emotional blockage of some kind, which, if cleared, opens up both an emotional and literal new pathway through which the client can articulate their singing voice.

When asked why she does what she does, Sloane responded that, “Everyone deserves to be happy. There are a million ways to be happy. Singing is just one way to be happy. This just happens to be the vehicle I’m using to help people find their authentic voice and to like their voice when they hear it.”  For her, singing and vocal coaching is great fun that yields exceptional benefits and results, since any client who comes to her is always receiving all the healing properties of singing.  Sloane enthuses, “When you’re breathing and singing, you’re smiling, you’re happy. Your respiratory rate is lowered, your breathing calms, your relaxation response kicks in.”

For more information about Sloane Reali and the services she provides, visit her website.  Click Here to contact Sloane through the network directory.
To request a consultation, call (805) 250-6609.

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