What is a Journey to Wellness Workshop?

Welcome Gina and Martin Well, as new members of the Santa Barbara Business Network!

The Journey to Wellness Workshops was born from both my personal and professional experience. It has been a lifelong goal to provide a forum so that people can find information, community support and resources regarding life’s challenges in a safe and encouraging educational environment.

As a long-term educator, both as a professor at Santa Barbara Community College and Antioch University Santa Barbara and a lifelong learner, I felt compelled to bring about this forum for the community.

After stumbling through multiple life challenges and at times feeling incredibly lonely, I was inspired to create The Journey to Wellness Workshops, based from my hometown in Santa Barbara, California. Through exploration I realized that my journey to find answers began a very long time ago and is still ongoing.

What I have also discovered on my journeys is that the people in our lives who are closest to us can also be greatly affected by our challenges. When I was diagnosed with cancer my husband was there for me. When my parents died within a short time of each other my husband was there for me. When I had a severe panic attack my husband was there for me. 

When a person goes through a challenge, we as a society focus on the person with cancer, grieving, having a panic attack (as we should) but we tend to forget those people in our lives who are going through the struggle as well. 

Our workshops will address not only us but those in our lives who have or continue to walk beside us in our journey to wellness.

I have spent a dedicated amount of time serving the community. I want to bring our community together to share and to have a clearer understanding about life’s events, obstacles, challenges and difficulties.

So many of us search for answers, but feel alone and do not know where to turn for help.

We want you to find your voice, feel empowered and educated on the challenges you may be facing or have faced.

Our journeys may be similar but how we walk them are unique to us. We are here for you to
begin your journey to wellness.

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Gina and Martin Bell with their dog

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