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Why don’t you have a Logo? How’s Your Website?

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Website Design & Development

No Logo? No Website? Old Website?

We have been surprised at how many businesses that we have been ready to give a shout out for, yet they don’t have a Logo we may use to boost their presence, and others don’t have a website we may link for them to help people learn more about them and their product or service.


Many feel they don’t have the time, knowledge, or the funds.

SBBN’s Solution:

To help bridge this gap between minimal brand to branding with more exposure, the network is working with a team of graphic artists and web designers to provide a simple basic package that is affordable to prepare your business for exposure!


  • Custom Logo (unlimited revision rounds & full copyright included)
  • Basic Informative Website (you own all copyrights to your website)
  • Plus Appointment/Booking Functionality
  • Bonus: Pricelist Menu (or what is ideal for YOUR business)
  • 2nd Bonus: 250 Business Cards
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
PLUS get a network shout out for your business once your logo and website are ready for its “Grand Opening”!
All for Only $700!
SBBN Members price: $650
We are here to help you through the whole process* including design ideas, logo design, exploring website styles, and enjoy a functionality plug-in that helps streamline communicating with client and your calendar.
* Yes! it’s a process! this is not simply a graphics order – we understand
Click here to see a couple examples of websites we have done for service businesses:
Simply Contact Us if you’re ready to start designing or re-vamping your brand. It begins with a conversation.
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Design Your Website

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