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The Santa Barbara Business Network joins BeeKonnected

The Santa Barbara Business Network (SBBN) is defying effects of social distancing with building relationships through virtual networking events and reaching beyond local parameters through it’s association with the new global B2B business community called BeeKonnected.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the livelihood of individuals, businesses, and our local community. There is a pattern with those who have been most resilient and have even prevailed in spite of the abrupt shift in the business “norm”: they are willing to learn new skills, identify problems they have the solution to, and acting on opportunities to grow and utilize resources to set themselves up to be sustainable and profitable. 

The pandemic may have caused drastic changes in our social and economic environment, but it cannot change the core values of each of us as individuals who make up a family, a neighborhood, a community, and our world. 

Action words for the annual Santa Barbara Business Expo and other events which SBBN hosts are: Connect, Learn, and Network.  The events are intentionally planned to bring people together, open communications and build warm relationships #BusinessFriendships, educate through keynote speakers and network: join forces and discover creative solutions to today’s challenges.

SBBN Co-founders, Sandy and Gino, immediately resonated with BeeKonnected, not only because of their trust and admiration of the CEO and co-founder of BeeKonnected, Tonya Hofmann, who was a keynote speaker at their annual business expo in 2016, but also for what Beekonnected offers: 

Connections:  A state-of-the-art Business 2 Business automated engine that works like a dating app except for business. Spam-free as it is by invitation only and includes a 5-star rating system.

Learning:  World class coaching: courses on how to build an online business, marketing, speaking, systemizing and more.  Additionally a weekly live webinar, “Better Your Business in 30 Minutes” is offered for free on Wednesdays, as an educational series.

Networking: BeeKonnected includes members in over 40 countries.  Each member has the opportunity to complete a professional profile and utilize the Konnection Generator to connect with vetted professionals whose values and interest align with their profile with the use of AI. Networking is now no longer limited to a physical space; it engages local to global connections.

Complimentary events hosted by Sandy Goe, CEO, the Santa Barbara Business Network (SBBN) and The Santa Barbara HUB of BeeKonnected worldwide business community (SBHUB) may be found on the Events page at  Upcoming events include:

Meet Tonya Hofmann, CEO of BeeKonnected | How to Grow Your Business through Real Relationships
Tuesday, March 23, 2021, 12-1pm PST
Video Recording Below

Ladies&Lattes Monthly Network Meeting on 2nd Thursdays zoom@noon
Thursday April 8, 2021, 12-1pm PST
Topic: “Connecting Connected Influencers to Create a Positive Big Ripple for the Sake of Good”  What are essential success patterns?

Guest Speaker: Brigitta Hoeferle, CEO of the NLP Institute of Atlanta, International Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Educator, and Author.

Events offered through BeeKonnected include:

Build Your Business in 30 Minutes,
Wednesdays at 10-10:30am PST (see event calendar at

Global Conversation Amongst Women 2hr Free Event
Meet 7 Leaders of 6 Global  Women’s Organizations
Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 11am-1pm PST

Below is the recording, introducing Santa Barbara to Tonya Hofmann, CEO of BeeKonnected, with Sandy Goe, CEO of the Santa Barbara Business Network. List to topics and where to find it in the recording:
1:25-15:00 Introduction to Tonya Hofmann
15:00-20:00 The Beginning and birth of the brainchild: BeeKonnected
21:45-29:00 How the Konnection Generator works (like a dating app except for business!)
How it makes connections easy
30:00 3 plans to choose from.
35:00 The Affiliate Program
43:00 Program for Non-profits and Organizations & Associations for Fundraising
50:00 BeeKonnected Go to:

For more information on the Santa Barbara Business Network, BeeKonnected, or any of the events, you may contact Sandy Goe at

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